Artist Emergency Relief Fund 

In challenging times, it is both our resilience and our compassion that sees us through. We at ARTogether have heard from many artists whose livelihoods have been affected by Covid-19, and will continue to be, over the coming weeks and months.  

This Emergency Relief Fund is to support artists whose primary source of income is in jeopardy. Please donate if you are able, and spread the word. A recurring donation would be particularly useful, and allow us to continue helping artists after the initial burst of donations has died down. 

Your money will go 100% to artists in need, and we will keep you updated regularly on the ongoing distribution of funds. 

Our aim is to support as many artists as we can, and so we reach out to you, even in times of physical separation, to build our community together.  We hope that in times of difficulty, our bonds of community are strengthened, not weakened. 

Your donation makes a difference! Thank you.

Your donation to ARTogether is secure and tax refundable. 

Tax ID: 82-3045350

Suggested Amounts

Your gift will start today, or set a future date.


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